Limited Warranty For Northstar Wheels®

Revised February 2024

The Seller guarantees that the Wheel is devoid of material and workmanship defects for the specified duration outlined below. It is important to note that the Seller does not provide warranty coverage or remedies for insignificant cosmetic imperfections such as slight discoloration, buffing marks, or nicks. The warranty period for Wheels is 60 months from the Wheel's manufacturing date as indicated. In the event of material or workmanship defects leading to the failure of the Wheel during normal use or service (refer to the qualifications section below), the Seller undertakes, at no cost, to repair or replace the Wheel.

Repair or replacement, as provided for in this limited warranty, are subject to adherence to Seller’s return material authorization process.

Adherence to the Seller’s return material authorization process is required for any repair or replacement covered by this limited warranty.

Qualifications: Seller is not liable for, does not warrant, and will not repair or replace or make adjustment, with respect to any Wheel or surface or rim flange treatment on such Wheel that has been subjected to misuse, abuse, or improper modification, including any of the following:

  1. Employing a tire that exceeds the standards recommended by the Tire and Rim Association, Inc. or other recognized tire and rim agencies such as ETRTO (Europe);
  2. Neglecting to install, utilize, and maintain Wheels in full compliance with all pertinent laws, regulations, codes, and industry standards;
  3. Exceeding the maximum Wheel load specified by the Seller for the respective application;
  4. Inflating tires beyond the maximum pressure specified by the Seller for the given application;
  5. Altering the original state of the Wheel through modification or by subjecting it to any processing or changes, including but not limited to welding, straightening, painting, coating, installing a new tire valve, or heat treating;
  6. Accidents or extraordinary or severe operating conditions, including but not limited to tire fires, brake fires, severe brake system drags or seizures, or operation with a flat tire;
  7. Neglecting to adhere to maintenance instructions or warnings, which include but are not limited to using proper torque, conducting periodic cleaning and polishing, replacing the valve, inspecting rim flange wear, following maintenance procedures, and regularly inspecting tires and connected system components for damage and loose lug nuts;
  8. Surface imperfections such as nicks, scratches, and other blemishes arising from negligence, exposure to road salt, harsh environmental conditions, inadequate maintenance, cleaning, road debris, curb impact, accidents, or regular operation;
  9. Rim flange fatigue due to tire change or road wear.
  10. Use of adapters or wheel spacers;
  11. Causing surface damage during tire mounting and installation by utilizing inappropriate tools or balancing with wheel weights; or damage resulting from cleaning with potent chemicals (acids or alkaline) or abrasive materials, such as abrasive brushes, steel wool, or scouring pads; or continuing to use a Wheel after discovering a defect.

This warranty expires upon transfer of title of any products by the original retail purchaser.